5 Reasons to
Choose Polycom
Hosted VoIP

With the number of "voice" solutions on the market today, it can be difficult to sift through what's available and find the right phone system for your business.
Who has the features you want with the quality you need?
Who's going to pick up the phone when you need support?
Who's going to do it without breaking your budget?
To help clarify your decision, we're going to be as straightforward as possible with what sets our "Polycom hosted VoIP Solution" option apart. That's why we've listed the top five reasons businesses of all sizes pick us as their trusted phone service provider
1 Taking your PBX to the Cloud Means No Big Ticket Hardware
  We manage your call switching and routing remotely using your existing internet connection. Your phones simply plug into your data network for dial tone with no additional wiring required. Having your PBX in the cloud eliminates that daunting capital expense and maintenance headache of a legacy wall switch or on-premise server.
2 Our Features & Technology Scale With Your Growing Business
  As a managed service your phone firmware is updated automatically and you have immediate access to all features and functionality we create for the platform. When adding new phones or even new location like remote offices or telecommuters, scaling up your service is about as easy as buying the phones you need and plugging them in.
3 Supporting our Customers Is Our Highest Priority
  Our in-house technical support staff is comprised entirely of highly-trained and motivated networking professionals here in the US - never an overseas representative reading from a script. Beyond that, we maintain a local presence across the country to ensure we can have someone out at your location whenever you need it.
4 Unlimited Calling, Paying Only for the Lines You Use
  Some phones on your system will have less activity. Why pay full price for the ones that are idle? Most of our competitors charge per employee, or "Seat". We bill based on your maximum simultaneous calls per monthly (Forgiving the occasional spike). This is typically no more than 1/3 or your number of employees, translating to significant savings.
5 Our Flexible Platform Changes to Suit Your Needs
  No two businesses have the same phone system requirements, and trying to fit your needs inside a competitor's cookie-cutter solution will cause more problems than it will solve. We open our technology, giving you the flexibility to tell us exactly how you want your service to work and giving us the flexibility to make it happen.


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